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Dropbox is a cloud storage and collaboration service that allows faculty and staff to access, store, synchronize, and share documents from any device. 


Penn GSE has migrated from the file-server to Dropbox. In order to simplify file sharing and have a reliable and easily accessible backup and recovery system, GSE has moved to Dropbox Enterprise. This affords the community easy access to their files from anywhere, privacy protection, and virtually unlimited storage space.

Dropbox will also be replacing our previous backup system, so please remember to save your files to the "Dropbox (Penn GSE)" folder on your computer, to assure that your work is being backed up. If you are a full time staff or faculty member and you are not yet using GSE's Dropbox or you would like to schedule training to learn how to use Dropbox, please contact us for assistance.



  • Unlimited storage
  • Selective Sync lets you choose which content is synced locally to save space. 
  • Smart Sync lets you see and access all content from your desktop without worrying about local hard drive space.