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Welcome to the Dean's Office

Dear GSE Community,

Since becoming Penn GSE’s dean in 2015, I have marveled at the talent and commitment of our faculty, staff, and students. During my time here, GSE’s excellence has been recognized in so many ways – through ever-increasing grant funding awarded to our exceptional faculty, by a consistently high rank among graduate schools of education in U.S. News and World Report, and through greater prominence at Penn.

GSE is a leader at Penn and in the larger education space. Our outstanding doctoral programs, our innovative executive-format degree programs and our diverse portfolio of master’s degree options train scholars, leaders and engaged citizens. We have grown tremendously as a School and are now the fifth largest School in terms of student enrollment and the second largest in terms of graduate and professional students. GSE is an active producer of important research and a vital contributor to improving elementary and secondary education in Philadelphia.

GSE is a purpose-driven institution, focused on improving individual lives and society through education. We rely on the dedication and talent of our staff and faculty to realize this vision. Every one of us works hard to advance the School’s goals, and it takes the distributed expertise of the entire community to achieve the excellence and results that are synonymous with Penn GSE.

As a School, we care deeply about our community, and recognize diversity and inclusion as our core values. GSE is the first school at Penn to hire a Chief People Officer, a role dedicated to improving workplace culture. Our priority is making certain that our community members feel welcome and supported.

I hope this One Penn GSE website helps you appreciate the wealth of resources available at GSE and at the University. There are formal and informal means to engage with colleagues, learn new skills, and to participate in various working groups, committees, and professional development opportunities. 

We are fortunate to be members of a wonderful academic community with excellent benefits – and a real commitment to creating a productive work environment, and I feel equally fortunate to serve as the dean at Penn GSE. 

All my best,


Contact the Penn GSE Dean's Office

Diana Johnson
Executive Assistant, Dean's Office

Kate Hellings
Chief People Officer

Eric Kaplan
Chief of Staff

Matthew Hartley
Deputy Dean

Susan Yoon
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs

Raquel M. Arredondo
Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Lizzie Petela
Dean’s Office Coordinator