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Faculty Affairs

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Answers to your questions about Penn GSE’s return to campus, including important dates and details about the summer transition period, vaccination and testing, workplace health and safety, meetings and travel, and flexible work options.

The Office of Faculty Affairs in the Graduate School of Education oversees the entire faculty personnel process, including searches for tenure track faculty, associated faculty, and academic support staff, tenure and promotion reviews, reappointments, leave requests, PIK faculty, and Target of Opportunity recruitment efforts.

Faculty Information

Division Chairs

Education Policy

Chair: Michael Gottfried

Educational Linguistics

Chair: Nelson Flores

Higher Education

Chair: Matthew Hartley

Human Development and Quantitative Methods

Chair: Michael Nakkula

Literacy, Culture, and International Education

Chair: Sigal Ben-Porath

Teaching, Learning, and Leadership

Chair: Susan Yoon

Academic Resources



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Contact Penn GSE Faculty Affairs

Matthew Hartley
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Executive Director, PennAHEAD
Phone: 215-898-8414

Jessie Harper
Assistant Dean, Faculty Affairs and Diversity
Co-Director HEARD
Phone: 215-573-3725

Megan McManus
Faculty Affairs Coordinator
Phone: 215-573-5703