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GSESG Support for Conferences and Research

Fall semester application deadline: November 1

Spring semester application deadline: March 15

GSE Student Government (GSESG) has allocated limited funding to support currently-enrolled GSE students in GSESG-fee-paying programs* with conference or original research expenses. Eligible students may apply for:

  • Up to $300 reimbursement of costs associated with attending a conference (transportation, lodging, registration and membership fees) 
  • Up to $500 reimbursement of costs associated with presenting or facilitating a discussion (e.g., panel discussion) at a conference (transportation, lodging, registration and membership fees)
  • Up to $300 reimbursement of costs associated with original research activity (specialized software, necessary research services such as transcription, etc.)

*Eligible programs are all non-executive format M.S.Ed., Ed.D., and Ph.D. programs. If you have question about eligibility, contact

Grant applications are reviewed once per semester and must be submitted the semester of the conference/research expense.

Please note:  reimbursements are not guaranteed from year to year, and submitting an application for reimbursement does not guarantee funding. Students may apply for conference funding once per semester. Approval of grant applications is at the discretion of the GSESG Finance Team. You assume fiscal liability for the total amount if you attend a conference that is not approved or if you fail to submit a complete request by the deadline. There will be no reimbursement appeals; all decisions are final.

Conference Grant ApplicationResearch Support Grant Application

GSE students are encouraged to apply for additional funding through GAPSA to supplement GSESG grants: GAPSA Individual Grants

Other university grant opportunities and information:
Graduate Student Center Funding Resources
Graduate Student Fellowship & Award Opportunities
CURF Graduate Funding Resources
Office of Vice Provost for Research Grants Resources

Contact the Penn GSE Office of Student Services

Office of Student Services

Ann Tiao

Assistant Dean of Student Services
(215) 898-7019

Imani Harvin

Associate Director and Case Manager for Student Services 
(215) 573-2872

Whitney Jones

Coordinator for Student Services 
(215) 898-6456