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Courses by Division

The list below represents courses offered in GSE's traditional format programs. Please refer to the University course catalog for course descriptions and information on terms when courses are usually offered.

One asterisk (*) following the course title indicates that the course requires permission.

Two asterisks (**) following the course title indicates that the course is for majors only, or that very few seats are available for non-majors. Non-majors will require permission. 

Please contact the appropriate person listed below to inquire about receiving a permit.

EDUC545 courses are experimental courses, meaning they are being offered for the first time and do not yet have a permanent course number. Multiple sections are offered each semester, and each section is a distinct, unique course. This is reflected in each 545 section having its own course title. For 545 courses with a permit, contact

Education Policy

Course Code Course Title
EDUC326 Tutoring in Urban Public Elementary Schools: A Child Development Perspective
EDUC519 The Evolution of Assessment: Classroom and Policy Uses
EDUC548 American Education Reform: History, Policy, Practice
EDUC559 Sociology of Education*
EDUC591 Applied Research Methods to Inform Policy and Practice
EDUC601 Economic Aspects of Educational Policy
EDUC614 Child Development and Social Policy
EDUC628 Education Finance Policy
EDUC692 Education Policy Issues
EDUC708 Schools as Organizations
EDUC711 Education Policy Research Practicum**
EDUC720 Teachers and Teaching Policy
EDUC751 Introduction to Applied Quantitative Methods for Education Research: Pre-K to 20*
EDUC772 Methods of Economic Evaluation in Education
EDUC810 Advanced Analysis in Economics of Education
EDUC838 Applied Research & Reporting
EDUC900 Research Seminar in Applied Research Synthesis Methods

Contact information for permit restricted courses:
Nakia Jones

Education, Culture, and Society/International Educational Development

Course Code Course Title
EDUC244 Civil Dialogue Seminar: Civic Engagement In A Divided Nation - SNF Paideia Program Course*
EDUC501 Economics of Education in Developing Countries
EDUC503 Global Citizenship
EDUC506 Migration, Displacement, and Education
EDUC509 Merit and America
EDUC511 Education and the Culture Wars: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
EDUC514 Education in Developing Countries*
EDUC524 Philosophical Aspects of Education Policy
EDUC529 Systems Thinking for International Development and Educational Change
EDUC544 School and Society in America*
EDUC547 Anthropology and Education*
EDUC564 Ethics & Schools
EDUC570 Education and the American Metropolis
EDUC576 The Social & Political Philosophy of Education
EDUC586 Ethnographic Filmmaking*
EDUC589 Teaching and Learning in the Global Era
EDUC595 Politics and Education
EDUC596 International Early Childhood Policies and Programs
EDUC597 Policy Planning in International Educational Development: Theory and Practice
EDUC598 Interfaith Dialogue in Action*
EDUC599 History of American Education
EDUC602 Youth Cultural Formations
EDUC638 Principles of Monitoring & Evaluation in International Education Development*
EDUC646 Examining the School to Prison Pipeline: Implications of History, Policy, and Race
EDUC647 Global Perspectives on School Climate
EDUC664 Participatory Educational Research in Global Perspective: Theory and Practice
EDUC668 Master's Paper Seminar** 
EDUC673 CurrEDculum & Pedagogy in International Contexts*
EDUC682 Qualitative Modes of Inquiry*
EDUC695 International Educational Development in Practice: Tools, Techniques and Ethics**
EDUC700 Craft of Ethnography*
EDUC703 Advanced Qualitative and Case Study Research*
EDUC706 Culture/Power/Subjectivities*
EDUC721 Ethnographic Research Methods*
EDUC727 Education, Culture and Society*
EDUC729 International Educational Development Doctoral Proseminar*
EDUC734 Masters Proseminar in International Educational Development**
EDUC738 Advanced Topics in Monitoring & Evaluation in International Education Development*
EDUC745 Decolonizing Education
EDUC746 Activism Beyond the Classroom
EDUC752 Community Youth Filmmaking
EDUC806 Narrating the Self*

Contact information for permit restricted courses:
Alex Posecznick

Educational Linguistics

Course Code Course Title
EDUC500 Linguistic Anthropology of Education
EDUC502 Citizen Sociolinguistics
EDUC516 Teaching Writing in Multilingual Contexts
EDUC517 Classroom Discourse and Interaction
EDUC527 Approaches to Teaching English and Other Modern Languages*
EDUC528 TESOL Practice Teaching**
EDUC536 Indigenous Education and Language Revitalization
EDUC537 Educational Linguistics*
EDUC539 Teaching Performance Art for Cross-Cultural Education
EDUC542 TESOL Classroom Fundamentals**
EDUC546 Sociolinguistics in Education*
EDUC549 Language Teaching and Literacy Development in Multilingual Community Contexts
EDUC563 TESOL Seminar**
EDUC566 Cross Cultural Awareness
EDUC567 Internship: ICC**
EDUC572 Language and Gender
EDUC577 Selected Topics in Educational Linguistics*
EDUC579 Intercultural Communication and Miscommunication
EDUC583 Content-Based Instruction*
EDUC593 Experiential Learning Design for Intercultural Communication*
EDUC634 Language Assessment*
EDUC650 Communication and Culture in Context
EDUC655 Ethnography for Intercultural Communication**
EDUC661 Language Diversity and Education
EDUC670 Second Language Development*
EDUC674 Curriculum and Materials Development for English Language Teaching
EDUC675 Structure of English
EDUC676 Discursive Approaches in Intercultural Communication**
EDUC679 Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking for Applied Linguistics**
EDUC710 Methods of Discourse Analysis
EDUC845 Seminar in Microethnography*
EDUC905 Genealogies of Race and Language in Educational Research
EDUC911 Issues in Second Language Acquisition
EDUC927 Research Seminar: Language Policy and Education

Contact information for permit restricted courses:
Katherine O'Morchoe

Higher Education

Course Code Course Title
EDUC504 Contemporary Issues in Higher Education
EDUC505 Globalization & the University
EDUC512 University-Community Partnerships
EDUC532 Pursuing Institutions of Excellence: Strategies, Choices, Pitfalls & Possibilities
EDUC541 Access & Choice in American Higher Education
EDUC543 Understanding Minority Serving Institutions
EDUC556 Higher Education Finance
EDUC569 Administration of Student Life
EDUC573 Higher Education Policy : What Can We Learn from Other Countries?
EDUC592 Professional Development in Higher Education
EDUC594 Diversity in Higher Education
EDUC604 Ethics and Leadership in Higher Education
EDUC607 Faculty and Academic Governance
EDUC608 Organizational Change in Higher Education
EDUC619 College Student Health
EDUC620 Enrollment Management
EDUC624 Gender in College
EDUC631 Research Topics
EDUC640 History of American Higher Education
EDUC656 College and University Teaching
EDUC693 Student Development in College Environments
EDUC694 Organization and Administration of Intercollegiate Athletics
EDUC704 Economics of Higher Education
EDUC705 Proseminar in Research & Analysis
EDUC714 Law and Higher Education
EDUC715 Case Studies in Higher Education Administration
EDUC716 Public Policy Issues in Higher Education
EDUC728 Advanced Public Policy Seminar in Higher Education
EDUC733 Students' Transitions from High School to College and to the Job Market
EDUC736 Quasi-Experimental Design*
EDUC744 Building Inclusive Communities in Higher Education
EDUC747 Social and Statistical Network Analysis*
EDUC749 Modeling Resilient Institutional Leadership through Campus Crisis, Calamity, Calumny, & Catastrophe
EDUC753 Academic Advising in Higher Education
EDUC770 New Models for Postsecondary Education

Contact information for permit restricted courses:
Ross Aikins

Human Development

Course Code Course Title
EDUC241 Educational Psychology
EDUC360 Human Development in Global Perspective
EDUC553 Foundations of Education for Diverse Learners
EDUC574 Race/Ethnicity in Human Development
EDUC575 Topics of Psychology in Education: Qualitative Studies of Developmental Interventions
EDUC584 Basic Counseling Skills
EDUC585 Advanced Group and Family Counseling
EDUC587 Human Sexuality
EDUC603 Wellness and Addictions Counseling**
EDUC610 Cultural Perspectives on Human Development
EDUC613 Group Counseling**
EDUC658 Diagnosis and Psychopatholgy**
EDUC663 Sociocultural Foundations in Counseling
EDUC677 Information and Communications Technologies for Education and Development in Global Perspective
EDUC686 Counseling Interventions**
EDUC717 Professional Internship in Counseling I**
EDUC718 Professional Internship in Counseling II**
EDUC725 Advanced Professional Practice in Communities, Agencies and Organizations**
EDUC731 Risk, Resilience, and Prevention Science
EDUC748 Neuroscience, Brain Development, and Learning
EDUC750 Trauma and Counseling
EDUC860 ISHD Proseminar**
EDUC960 Advanced Research in Human Learning and Development
EDUC980 Mixed Methods Research: Counseling & Development
EDUC235 Psychology of Women
EDUC251 Mindfulness and Human Development
EDUC345 Psychology of Personal Growth
EDUC522 Psychology of the African-American
EDUC538 Stereotype Threat, Impostor Phenomenon, and African Americans
EDUC557 Developmental Theories: Applications with Adolescents
EDUC558 Developmental Theories: Applications with Young Adults
EDUC560 Human Development**
EDUC561 Adolescent Development
EDUC562 Personality & Social Development
EDUC568 Cognitive Development
EDUC580 Developmental Theories & Applications with Children
EDUC581 Advanced Psychology of Women
EDUC612 LGBT Counseling & Development
EDUC615 Parenting and Children's Educational Development
EDUC617 Counseling for School to Career Transitions
EDUC685 Career Counseling and Development**
EDUC687 Counseling Ethics & Professional Principles**
EDUC688 Counseling Practicum**
EDUC709 Peer Relationships in Childhood and Adolescence.
EDUC739 Poverty and Child Development
EDUC764 Cognitive Processes
EDUC766 Advanced Professional Counseling Interventions**
EDUC782 Assessment for Counselors I**
EDUC785 Selected Topics in Professional Psychology

Contact information for permit restricted courses:
Elizabeth Mackenzie

Quantitative Methods

Course Code Course Title
EDUC625 Data Processing and Analysis*
EDUC667 Introductory Statistics for Educational Research*
EDUC680 Evaluation of Policies, Programs and Projects*
EDUC683 Survey Methods & Design*
EDUC684 Measurement & Assessment*
EDUC765 Introduction to Causal Inference for Educational Research
EDUC767 Regression and Analysis of Variance*
EDUC768 Measurement Theory and Test Construction*
EDUC771 Factor Analysis and Scale Development
EDUC777 Structural Equations Modeling
EDUC829 Policy Research*
EDUC871 Randomized Trials and Experiments
EDUC880 Complex, Multilevel, and Longitudinal Research Models
EDUC881 Applied Multivariate Statistics

Contact information for permit restricted courses:
Christine Lee


Course Code Course Title
EDUC525 Fieldwork in Language in Education*
EDUC533 Forming and Reforming the Elementary Reading/Writing/Literacy Curriculum*
EDUC535 Literature for Children and Adolescents*
EDUC578 Teaching Reading and Study in Colleges and Universities
EDUC582 Theories and Pedagogies of Teaching Writing
EDUC588 Digital Literacies in a Networked World
EDUC606 Literacy Research, Theory, and Practice*
EDUC626 Literacy, Discourse, and Interaction
EDUC629 Teaching English/Language and Literacy in Middle and Secondary Schools*
EDUC633 Selected Topics in Reading/Writing
EDUC635 Assessing Language and Learning Differences*
EDUC636 Young Adult Literature, Media & Culture
EDUC645 Issues in Education and Health: Disparities and Prevention in Schools and Communities
EDUC662 Picturebooks and the Practice of Literacy
EDUC669 Seminar in Practitioner Inquiry
EDUC671 Adult Literacy
EDUC681 Literacy and Illustrated Texts: Picturebooks, Comics and Graphic Novels
EDUC713 Responding to Literature: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
EDUC723 Multicultural Issues in Education*
EDUC724 Literacy: Social and Historical Perspectives
EDUC735 Tutorial Work in Reading/Writing/Literacy*
EDUC737 Research in Teaching Writing
EDUC834 Theories of Reading
EDUC836 Issues in Instructional Leadership in Reading and Writing
EDUC917 Research Seminar: Language and Power
EDUC920 Research Seminar in Reading and Writing

Contact information for permit restricted courses:
Tamika Easley

Teaching, Learning, & Leadership

Course Code Course Title
EDUC240 Education in American Culture
EDUC323 Tutoring School: Theory and Practice
EDUC508 Maker Studio*
EDUC526 Technology for Educators
EDUC534 Diversity and Social Justice in American K-12 Education
EDUC550 Educational and Social Entrepreneurship
EDUC551 Outside the School Box: History, Policy and Alternatives
EDUC552 Video Games and Virtual Worlds as Sites for Learning*
EDUC571 Collaboration & Conflict
EDUC590 Gender & Education
EDUC600 Curriculum Development and Enactment
EDUC611 Educational Assessment of and for Learning
EDUC616 Master's Foundations of Teaching and Learning*
EDUC618 Leadership in Educational Institutions
EDUC621 Proseminar in Professional Education*
EDUC623 Big Data, Education, and Society
EDUC630 Introduction to Mixed-Methods Research
EDUC637 Contemporary Issues in Science and Technology Education Research
EDUC639 Design of Learning Environments*
EDUC644 Learning Sciences: Past, Present, Future*
EDUC659 How Innovations Flourish
EDUC660 Museum Education
EDUC665 Research on Teaching
EDUC668 Master's Paper Seminar**
EDUC678 Gender and Sexuality in Education
EDUC689 Contemporary Issues in Mathematics Curriculum
EDUC691 Core Methods in Educational Data Mining*
EDUC696 In/formal Learning Experience Internship** 
EDUC698 Politics of School Reform
EDUC702 Conceptual Models of School Leadership & Organization
EDUC719 Research on Teacher Education and Learning to Teach
EDUC722 Reforming Philadelphia Schools: A Research Practicum on Community Engagement
EDUC726 Doctoral Foundations of Teaching and Learning*
EDUC732 Doctoral Proseminar on Education Research*
EDUC754 Technologies for Language Learning and Teaching

Contact information for permit restricted courses:
Veronica Aplenc

Urban Teaching Apprenticeship Program

Course Code Course Title
EDUC202 Urban Education
EDUC250 Learning from Children
EDUC414 Children's Literature
EDUC507 Teaching & Learning in Student Centered Classrooms*
EDUC513 Development of the Young Child
EDUC515 Field Seminar (Elementary & Secondary Education)*
EDUC518 Integrating the Arts in the K-8 Classroom*
EDUC520 Literacy in Elementary/Middle Schools*
EDUC521 Science Methods: Project-Based Learning Approaches*
EDUC523 Social Studies in the Elementary and Middle Schools*
EDUC530 Cultivating Creativity in the K-8 Classroom*
EDUC531 Mathematics in the Elementary and Middle Schools*
EDUC540 Differentiating Instruction for Diverse Learners/Special Education & Bilingual*
EDUC554 Managing Collaborative Learning Environments in Urban Contexts*
EDUC555 Advanced Field Seminar (Elementary & Secondary Education)*
EDUC565 Introduction to Teaching & Classroom Routines*
EDUC627 Teaching in the Middle and Secondary Schools*
EDUC641 Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Urban Secondary Schools*
EDUC642 School, Society & Self*
EDUC657 Advanced Methods in Middle & Secondary Education*

Contact information for permit restricted courses:
Maureen Cotterill

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