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PennNet Phone

About PennNet Phone Service (PPS)

The PennNet Phone Service (PPS) is a web service that allows you to manage certain telephone features and voice mail options from a web browser. With PPS, you can adjust these PennNet Phone settings at any time:

  • Redirect incoming calls to any telephone (landline or cellular)
  • Reject incoming calls that don't have Caller ID
  • Block your Caller ID from being sent on outgoing calls
  • Change your voice mail delivery method to suit your message needs
  • Turn off envelope information or Caller ID information while listening to voice mail messages
  • Reset your voice mail password

Set Voicemail Options and Password

Manage your PPS settings by logging in to PennNet Phone Services with your PennKey and password. You can choose to have voicemail messages delivered as an email attachment instead of or in addition to standard telephone delivery. To enable this just select Delivery Method #4 in the steps below.

  1. Log in to PennNet Phone Services with your PennKey.
  2. Click Features and Voice Mail.
  3. Choose your Voice Mail Delivery Method. Most people choose option 1, 3, or 4.
  4. Set your Email Address for Voice Mail Delivery if you will be using email delivery.
  5. Enter a password in the Create New Voicemail Password section. This is not copied over from the old system.
  6. Click Submit.

Record a Greeting

Record both your away greeting and your busy greeting by following the steps below. You must set a voicemail password before recording a greeting.

  1. Dial 6-8000 on your phone.
  2. Enter your voicemail password.
  3. Press 0 and follow the prompts to record your message.

Note: To configure from offsite, you can dial 215-746-8000 and enter the last 5 digits of your phone number.

Access Your Voicemail by Phone

If you chose to have voicemail delivered to your telephone, dial 6-8000 on your phone and enter your password to listen. For offsite access, dial 215-746-8000 and enter the last five digits of your phone number.

PennNet Phone User Training

PennNet phone training is available online through KnowledgeLink. This eight minute video tutorial covers setting up voicemail, transferring callers, and creating a three-way conference call.

  1. Log into Knowledge Link PennNet Phone User Training with your PennKey.
  2. Click the green Enroll button.
  3. Click the green Start button.

Phone Hardware PDF Guides

Visit the quick guide below to learn the basics of your Polycom phone handset, speed dial, voicemail, and more.